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Career Changer? How Do You Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

Are you a jobseeker that maybe decided to shift gears, and try out a new thing? That’s wonderful! I’m a firm believer, vouching with actual experience myself, that during transitions, people can earn the opportunity to re-create themselves. That’s a great start. Now, let’s say you figured out what you want to do? Even better! Discovered an old passion you can turn into a successful career, maybe forced out of your role and you’re quite

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Quick Internet tips to help find a job: When a job seeker says “I don’t have Internet access or I’m not Internet savvy,” it cannot be an excuse in this competitive environment the job market has become. Here are some quick thoughts:– Sorry, but faxing doesn’t cut it anymore– Get email account for FREE at Yahoo, Hotmail or Google– Go to a friend’s house with Internet or to your local library because THEY HAVE INTERNET!–

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