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DEGREES vs VISIONARIES I posted this below discussion to LinkedIn and wanted to share one key insight from a commenter. We all know the Steve Jobs story about dropping out, in more than 1 ways, and running a multi-million dollar company by the time he was able to rent a car. I have a forward thinking, one-of-a-kind IT Evangelist without a BS. How do I get employers to even consider him AND where do we

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Using the Internet as a Job-Hunting Tool: Blogs & Forums Use the Internet to assist you with your job search includes more than just searching job boards. You need to also develop a blog as well as get involved on industry specific forums. You need to self-market Brand: You. To order the full presentation or have Matthew Warzel speak at your event, please contact him directly @ (216)246-9900 or warzel@mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)