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Question on LinkedIn: What are some characteristics of a good recruiter? Others’ Response: – A good recruiter need to be aware of the role, skills & competencies required, understand the culture of the org. and should be able to hire a candidate who matches the requirement closely . In order to be able to do this the recruiter should be skilled , possess maturity and the most important does not demonstrate superiority & ego as this

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Talent vs. Personality: The Rise of Competency “Competencies, which make us competent and competitive at what we do, result from channeling our talents through the amplifying and targeting effects of our personality. Talents alone lack the launching platform of personality, and therefore can remain unused, misused or unimproved for years.” (Luis E. Romero, “The Seventh Distinction”) Do you agree? What do you think is more important, talent, personality or both? I personally say that no

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During the Interview Session: Some Do’s and Don’ts Employers have four main concerns when hiring a new employee:1. Do you have the skills and experience to do the job? 2. What kind of person are you? 3. Will you fit in at the company and benefit us? 4. What will you cost us? When asked, “Why do you think you are a fit for this job?”, answer with: – I have the potential to benefit

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