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I love when this happens for one of our outplacement clients!


Customized Resume Headers? I received an email from a client of mine asking, “Matt, I have a quick question.  The title that is highlighted in green refers to the position you are applying for”. Correct?  Or does this describe your current position?"  (see pic above for his resume) My answer: I would switch it to adjust to the application”however, if you need to do some mass submissions, make sure you have the correct title in there

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Help Wanted. Filling Out Applications. WHERE TO LOOK– Look beyond newspaper ads!– Take time to visit different areas and look for NOW HIRING signs in retail and service spots!– Need to check community Web pages for community/local positions– Check Craigslist and other “free advertisement” websites WHAT TO DO DURING APPLICATION PROCESS– Greet the initial person politely and ask to fill out an application– Bring your resume with you– Take your references and employment history (with

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