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Career coach and President of MJW Careers, LLC, Matt Warzel, presents a workshop that will help you get Un-Unemployed. Workshop is free. Next Saturday September 13th at 11:00 AM EST at Old Books on Front located at 249 N Front St, Wilmington, North Carolina 28401. Books will be available for purchase. You can also purchase a book here: http://www.amazon.com/How-Get-UnUnemployed-Crackerjack-Resources-ebook/dp/B00ITEXQ14#reader_B00ITEXQ14 Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/569066556552214


How To Create LinkedIn Profile Status Update (With Examples) To Tell Hiring Managers You’re Actively Looking For #Employment Every time you appear on LinkedIn your headline or personal tag line shows up. Make sure you brand your headline as what you want to be seen as by the people on there (like hiring managers and recruiters). It is better to brand yourself for the job you want rather than the job you have because the

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Is it acceptable for the Interviewer to be late, with no apology? Apparently a candidate was late and then proceeded to leave the interview without apologizing, so the hiring manager left the recruiter sitting there saying, “I don’t even want to see the remainder of your candidates.” Others’ Responses: – Wow, I have to say I have never heard of a candidate walking out due to a late interviewer. We always

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to improve your chances following the interview? Others’ Responses: – No one commented. 🙁 My Response: Don’t overburden them with questions after the interview…the time for that is now over, you missed your chance. Don’t start bugging your recruiter either, because as soon as they know, trust me you will know. All you can do is send a nicely written, thought-out, sincere and self-marketable follow-up letter and pray. Next, continue

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