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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to apply for a posted/advertised position Manager’s Choice? Others’ Responses: – This applies to larger companies with an HR department. When you apply for a position on line you have two choices as to go about it. Choice one is to follow the instructions and this choice does not work unless you are a clear, 100% perfect match on paper. Even then it is the slowest way to apply. When

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Proud to announce that MJW Careers, LLC has been recognized as a 2013 Ohio Excellence Award recipient!


Question Proposed on LinkedIn: The two-month contract that did not work out. Include or do not include on resume and job application? Hello all. I am working with a professional client who was hired for a contracting gig that did not work out. She worked on it for the months of July and August and then was told that it was wrapped up. It was not a good experience for her and she would like

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Question on LinkedIn: HR/In-house Recruiters, if a job seeker enquires about the salary/rate do you tell them or make them apply first? Last week I enquired about the rate for an interesting short contract but the recruiter refused to tell me the rate before application. In fact, their company policy is to only discuss rate with those they call for interview, isn’t that potentially a waste of time? What if you apply, get called for

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Question on LinkedIn: Why is HR so boring? Others’ Response: – I view HR as an exciting challenge, not boring. If you are bored, you may want to look at your skill set or any shortcomings to become more user friendly to your organization. See where you can grow and how it aligns with the organization. Again, I understand HR supports a workforce and organization as a whole, but it is much more than people.

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