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Question on LinkedIn: Looking for ideas for introduction/icebreaker ideas for upcoming HR meeting. Others’ Response: – I once developed an icebreaker for an internal leadership group I was facilitating, and it was based on the “Bingo” concept – instead of numbers, I put facts about delegates in the boxes (e.g. a hobby, a birthdate, when they joined the business etc etc) and the group had to go around each other and find out who it

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You Better Work It (at the Next Networking Event) Work the Networking Events & Tips of the Icebreaker Get the most out of networking events and understand how to utilize your time to maximize your benefit. Also, some icebreakers to get you going at the networking event. Tips to remember at your next networking event:– Get the most out of networking events.○ Join industry networking functions by checking online with relevant associations.○ Research who is

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