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Why Use an Outplacement Vendor for Your Transition? 1. More likely to maintain or increase productivity, and more likely to increase profitability. 2. Additionally, the services help companies avoid potential litigation problems, reduce costs, maintain relationships between the employee and company, reduce stress on the terminating manager, and create a positive impression on remaining employees. 3. Outplacement could improve the organization’s reputation. Employees who remain at the company view a company more positively during a

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Are Things You Should Never Say During An Interview? Others’ Responses: – “I’m here to interview you as well. I have a couple questions that I intend to ask you."Though it’s true that the interview should be a two-way street, there is such a thing as being too aggressive. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. Don’t announce your intention to do so. It’s not necessary, and it’s bad

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MJW Careers Outplacement Downsized Employee Testimonial – Myra www.mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


Why Your Resume Stinks INFOGRAPHIC

Why Your Resume Stinks INFOGRAPHIC by Matthew Warzel www.MJWCareers.com