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Do you do “old school” recruiting methods, i.e., target companies list
, name generation/ID, 
and Candidate Development
; and what tools do you use to identify the divisions of companies and locations? (Question from commenter on LinkedIn) Response From Others: – I think recruiters who don’t know how to target companies, cold call, have the tough conversations, and network via the phone are missing out on a key recruiting principle: build relationships. Of course, you MUST be

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10 Hidden Gems Every Entrepreneur Should be Using Professionals recommend these game-changing products: Yesware Use Yesware with Gmail to set reminders and track email open rates. Olark Communicate with your customers in real time right on the website. Trello Track your projects with this free and easy-to-use online tool. Odesk Build an inexpensive workforce to handle your routine tasks. Moo.com Make an impression with the most visually stunning business cards around. Rapportive Awesome Gmail plug-in

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