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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Are the Best and Worst Words for Resume Success? Others’ Responses: – Worst words: According to the Wall Street Journal quoting a 2013 survey conducted by Harris Poll, the top words and phrases you should never use on your résumé include go-getter, think outside of the box, go-to person, thought leadership and results-driven. Hiring managers consider these words and phrases to be subjective and cliché. – Best words: Instead, you

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn? Others’ Responses: – On LinkedIn you are limited to 50 groups. Therefore you want to join groups that are relevant. Any group that you join that is not relevant – is just a waste of a group! For example if you are a social media marketer – do not join groups that are related to social media marketing – because everyone in those groups will

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