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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to improve your chances following the interview? Others’ Responses: – No one commented. 🙁 My Response: Don’t overburden them with questions after the interview…the time for that is now over, you missed your chance. Don’t start bugging your recruiter either, because as soon as they know, trust me you will know. All you can do is send a nicely written, thought-out, sincere and self-marketable follow-up letter and pray. Next, continue

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HR Manager: Do You Care About Your Redundant Employees? Here is a LinkedIn recommendation I authored for a client of mine. He is an HR Manager who truly does care about his employees, even during a layoff. Tod hired our outplacement organization to aid in a transition. I have worked with Tod in 2 previous instances so I have come to know and understand Tod as a colleague. He is a tremendous influence on his

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I love when this happens for one of our outplacement clients!


How I Got a Job Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 INFOGRAPHIC

How I Got a Job Playing Grand Theft Auto 5 INFOGRAPHICby Matthew Warzel www.MJWCareers.com


Unusual Job Hunting Techniques – Can you add more? Comment on this blog with any unusual techniques you’ve heard, seen or read about… —people who stand on corners with signs, dressed up in suits…signs say “recently laid-off executive…will work for 401k” or whatever, unusual job hunting tactics – just worked for a guy in the UK financial district—people wearing “PLEASE HIRE ME” shirts to job interviews—guy who bought a billboard saying he was looking for

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