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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn? Others’ Responses: – On LinkedIn you are limited to 50 groups. Therefore you want to join groups that are relevant. Any group that you join that is not relevant – is just a waste of a group! For example if you are a social media marketer – do not join groups that are related to social media marketing – because everyone in those groups will

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to Interview the Interviewer? Others’ Responses: – Be yourself. You should be looking for the right fit during an interview just as companies are when they look at us as candidates. That’s why it’s vital to be yourself at the interview, within limits, of course. You don’t need to talk about how much you partied last night, but it’s OK to show your sense of humor or discuss hobbies. –

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MJW Careers Outplacement Testimonial – Baxano www.mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Are you using LinkedIn as an online Resume or a way to network and connect with other professionals for a mutually beneficial relationship? Others’ Responses: – Yes, yes, and yes. It’s a resume. It’s a networking tool. It’s a connection maker. With that being said, just because they are on LinkedIn, doesn’t mean they want to network. I know, crazy huh? Sometimes, we just have to perfect our pitch so they

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