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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Do free online classes keep you sharp while seeking new employment? Others’ Responses: – I’m currently unemployed and fighting the jobless “Blahs”. I needed something to help keep me sharp and to help break the monotony of the constant research and application process. With a bit of searching, I’ve found several sites that offer free online classes. They each offer a nice variety; whether you want to refine current skills, learn

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Job Hunting Advice: Experiential Learning Consider experiential, work-based learning to learn more about occupations that interest you. This can be done through internships, volunteering, part-time jobs, study abroad and more. Gaining experience, while exploring career options, gives you a head start on your future career. Local schools and colleges offer many of these programs. Find more by searching the Internet and contacting businesses and organizations in your community. Work-based learning is also beneficial if you

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