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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What are the biggest mistakes employers see on your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Others’ Responses: – Today, a company that I follow provided a handy tip with no other agenda. It was so refreshing – and it immediately endeared me to the company. Most other individuals / companies just seem to push their ‘stuff’ or their message. I think most genuinely don’t know how to provide value

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How do you keep up to date, current and sharp in your area of expertise? It’s imperative folks keep up to date with growing trends and technologies. Some night classes/extended education at a local CC might be a good start. Search out the curriculum and see if anything relates! Check with your local library for happenings in the area related to education and job training. With the local colleges, the library can be beneficial as

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Social Media: Good or Bad for Kids with iPhones? When it comes to careers, it might not be so bad. My family is great. We’re Clevelanders. We’re loud and annoying. But darn are we passionate! Last week I got a chance to see my sister on North Carolina soil for the first time since 2006. That was when her and my Calabash, NC livin’ mom had a fallout. My sister’s dramatic. My mom’s dramatic. That’s

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