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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Are the Best and Worst Words for Resume Success? Others’ Responses: – Worst words: According to the Wall Street Journal quoting a 2013 survey conducted by Harris Poll, the top words and phrases you should never use on your résumé include go-getter, think outside of the box, go-to person, thought leadership and results-driven. Hiring managers consider these words and phrases to be subjective and cliché. – Best words: Instead, you

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No One Cares You’re Unemployed! A harsh reality in today’s job market is that no one, besides family and friends, care that you’re unemployed. Not one company owes you anything! You have to get into this mindset and go out there and fight to get yours. To order the full presentation or have Matthew Warzel speak at your event, please contact him directly @ (216)246-9900 or warzel@mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)