Being prepared for life is a scary feat. To think back in school you thought you had it bad. How you couldn’t wait to grow up and get out there with some freedom from your parents or independence from your teachers. And while most of us in our golden years of youth aren’t shooting 100 free throws after a full session of JV basketball practice or heading to an audition in hopes of making it one day, those that do have command in life EARLY seem to forge his or herself ahead right when the reality that life is short kicks in.

When I was in grade school, I just worried about what time I was meeting buds at the rec center or how I could get Josie Church to like me. I didn’t think about my future. Future’s for old people.

Boy was I dumb.

Once you hit your 20s, you still feel like you can kick life around some, but then the dreaded 30s hit and reality slaps you right in the face, and it’s hard. Body aches. Bills. Spouses. Kids. Deadlines. Responsibilities.

And this is when you wish you would’ve realized the importance of being prepared for important things in life. How am I going to pay this month’s mortgage if I’m stuck in a dead-end job? How am I going to afford braces for the kids if I can’t get a raise? Well maybe if you had a better REALITY you wouldn’t be so stressed. Maybe if when you were a kid, you decided to take control of your life and work hard on one thing that can make you happy and successful.

What happens when you try to retire? Will you have money leftover?

What happens when your daughter gets married? Will you be asking the in-laws to help out more?

What happens when you try to buy a new car? Will you be able to take out a loan?

If you can’t answer yes to all the above, you probably need to get yourself on track for some success.


By Matthew Warzel, President of MJW Careers, LLC

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