Tips And Tricks To Get A Job During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard, especially the economy. So, if looking for a new job was hard before, now that has also changed. It isn’t necessarily harder, but the strategies to find a job should be different to adapt to the situation better. These are some tips and tricks that will help you find the right position during Covid-19.

Add Remote-Friendly Keywords

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many teams have gone remote, and when looking for new employees, companies look for people who can adapt to this new way of working. So, creating a profile, resume, and curriculum with remote-friendly keywords will increase your chances of getting noticed.

You could start by highlighting your experience with video software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Mention any experience with other management platforms for remote teams like Slack and G Suite.

Then, you can add phrases that describe characteristics that employers look for in remote workers. Some examples are self-motivated, self-taught, able to work on your own, experience working with remote teams, and so on.

Even if you haven’t work remotely before, look in yourself for the abilities that could be translated to a remote team. Employers prefer remote workers with experience working remotely, but this doesn’t mean that they will not hire someone who never has.

More Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a conversation professionals do to get information on the industry they are interested in. So, you can set up meetings with other people who work in the same position you want or for the company you wish to apply to. Then, you will be able to ask questions to be better prepared for when you apply or have a job interview yourself.

For example, let’s say you want to become a Data Analyst for Google and want to be prepared. You can contact someone that already works for Google to have a meeting with them. These talks generally last for about 30 minutes. You can ask how they got the job, if they apply to Google or where contacted, how to respond to interview questions, or anything else that will help you.

You can find these contacts through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Most people will be flattered that you want to hear from them and will be eager to answer your questions. Contact different professions and people that work from various companies in your sector and try to collect as much information as you can.

Learn New Skills

This tip is a no-brainer when it comes to finding a job. The job market is really competitive, and if you have more expertise and skills than other applicants, you will probably get hired faster. So, start learning new skills that will make your resume more attractive to prospective employers.

An excellent option is to develop soft skills that are highly sought after. For example, employers look for people with creative thinking, innovative ideas, communication skills, empathy, adaptability, and more. These skills can be learned or practiced with some useful exercises, like some exercises to boost creativity.

The second option is to learn hard skills that are needed for your profession. For example, you can learn a programming language, web development, UX design, data analysis, and the like. These skills can be learned quickly with programming bootcamps. The courses last a few weeks or months, and you graduate with everything you need to know to boost your curriculum.

Be Flexible

The Covid-19 pandemic created a difficult situation for everyone; it has put in jeopardy many industries, and millions of people have been let go. So, a good option is to be more flexible when finding a new job. Not only with the type of job you are willing to accept, but also with the benefits and salary.

You can look for different positions that you haven’t necessarily been interested in before, but that are still in your career and pay well. Another option is to look for jobs you want but that don’t offer as much pay as you are used too.

The point is to lower your standard a bit. If taking a job you don’t love is the price for surviving the pandemic, think positive—at least you will be learning new things and it will be only for a few months.

Research Companies That Are Hiring

Part of every job hunt is to research everything from companies to open positions and salaries. So, in the case of the Covid-19 virus, where many companies are struggling, you should research which firms are still hiring. A quick Internet research will show you the companies that have open positions and in which platforms you can apply.

Some of the sectors that are in high demand right now and need to hire new employees are consumer goods, e-commerce, delivery and shipping services, remote team management tools, and manufacturing, especially of healthcare protection equipment. Look for how your profile can fit into one of these companies and start applying.

Practice Phone and Video Interviews

Right now, the companies that are hiring do most of the process remotely. This includes a lot of video and phone calls. Maybe you are not used to presenting yourself using only your voice or through a screen. So, an excellent strategy is to practice these types of interviews before doing the real thing.

The informational interviews are good practice because you will be talking to strangers about work. However, they don’t bring the pressure and nervousness of having a real interview. Research which are the common questions employers ask and how to answer them in the best possible way. You can even practice with another person and have them ask the question as if they were the employer.

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