To-dos for Your Two Weeks’ Notice

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Whether you’re moving on to bigger and better things, or trying to simplify your professional life, it’s common courtesy to turn in a two weeks’ notice at your current place of employment before starting the next chapter.

But even if that does seem like a lengthy timeframe to close out your desk, the truth of the matter is that those two weeks tend to fly right by. Have you done everything you need to in order to leave on a high note? MJW Careers has a few to-dos for your two weeks that will help!

Out with the old

You should take some time to clean up your workspace, tossing old office supplies and packing up the ones you want to take with you after you clock out for the last time. Not only will you make your colleagues think of you fondly when they aren’t saddled with clearing space for your replacement, but it can be a therapeutic activity. Think of it like closing up shop in one office, and getting ready for a grand reopening in another.

In with the new

In some cases, you may get to meet a new employee that will be taking over for you, or filling some other hole in the department. The crossover doesn’t have to be awkward ” in fact, it’s a great opportunity to do your coworkers a solid by passing on as much knowledge as you can before you go. Try to gather any policy or procedural tips to show your replacement how to work efficiently, rather than letting him or her figure it out later, and your former place of business will always have a positive reference for you!

Back it up

As long as doing so won’t violate the terms of your contract, your last two weeks is an ideal time to go ahead and back up portfolio-worthy pieces and work samples. You might be excited for your new job, and nowhere near thinking of applying somewhere else for a while, but it never hurts to have examples of some of your best work on hand and ready in case an opportunity presents itself down the road.

Stay in touch

Go ahead and update your resume, social media accounts, and personal websites as you transition to your new role in another workplace. And if you deal directly with any clients, be sure to leave an outgoing email message that explains where you’ve gone, who they should connect with now, and that thanks them for making the duration of your employment an enjoyable and educational experience.

The goodbyes include coworkers, too! Thanking your supervisors and colleagues for all they’ve taught you or helped you with is a nice way to end things professionally, and if you’re staying in the area it also leaves the door open for meeting up or getting together in the future.

Congrats ” you made it through the last two weeks! And as you continue to grow professionally, stay tuned to the MJW Careers blog for helpful resume writing tips, career advice, and more.


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