Unlocking the Hiring Secrets: Insights from Coca-Cola’s Hiring Manager, Heather O’Shea

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Matt Warzel (MW): Hello everyone, I’m Matt Warzel, owner of MJW Careers. Today, I’m honored to chat with Heather O’Shea, a seasoned Hiring Manager at Coca-Cola. Heather, thank you for joining us.

Heather O’Shea (HO): Thank you, Matt. Pleasure to be here.

MW: Let’s get straight to it. Heather, job seekers often wonder what happens behind closed doors in the hiring process. Can you unveil some of these secrets?

HO: Absolutely, Matt. It’s a meticulous process, starting with defining the role and identifying key skills. We look beyond resumes, searching for cultural fit and alignment with our values.

MW: Once requirements are set, what’s the next step?

HO: Sourcing begins. We use multiple channels, including job boards and LinkedIn. Cultural fit is as vital as skills when vetting candidates.

MW: And during the vetting process, what stands out to you?

HO: Resumes are crucial – a clear career narrative matters. In interviews, we focus on behavior, looking for enthusiasm and alignment with our company.

MW: Any common interview mistakes that impact a candidate’s chances?

HO: Lack of company research is a red flag. Preparedness and understanding our values, products, and industry are essential.

MW: What about social media in the vetting process?

HO: Social media provides insights into a candidate’s professional image. It’s about understanding their online presence. I always opt to see that the candidate’s digital footprint looks like.

MW: Gaps in resumes – how does Coca-Cola view them?

HO: Gaps happen. Addressing them with honesty and transparency is key.

MW: Wise advice. Now, how can candidates stand out in a competitive job market?

HO: Tailor your application, showcase achievements, and demonstrate genuine interest. Networking and a professional online presence matter.

MW: Thank you, Heather. Your insights are invaluable for job seekers. It’s been a fascinating look behind the scenes at Coca-Cola’s hiring process.

HO: My pleasure, Matt. Understanding both perspectives is crucial. Thank you for having me.

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