Use the Internet to Find a Job ” Part 4: Resume Posting

Post your resume onto numerous job boards (both general and niche job boards) and activate alerts on those sites, so when a company posts a position that matches your background those alerts are sent directly to your email.

Reference: Check out the last section of this handout, called Job Links, for excellent spots to look for job leads. They are also available on our website at:

Company Portals
Almost all companies post their job openings on their company portal (or website). So search all the portals of main industry players and also larger companies that hire your profession and click on that company’s “career” section. Create an online profile and post your resume so that company’s hiring manager or recruiter can find your resume. Also, set up an alert before you log off the company’s portal.

General Job Boards
Post your resume on CareerBuilder, Monster and HotJobs because that is where recruiters typically search for resumes first; and why not, when there are more job seekers on there than anywhere else in the world.

Niche Job Boards within Your Industry
Perform an online search with your industry title plus “job board” and review the results. Post your resume on those sites and set up alerts.

Association Websites within Your Industry
Most professional associations are easy to find online and by checking out an association’s website, you might find a job board or resume posting access. Even if not, you may find industry events being held, networking groups or even an opportunity to create a profile and join an online chat-board to stay in the loop.

Resume Distribution Services
Send out your resume to thousands of recruiters and direct hiring companies by using:

By placing buzzwords in your resume that pertain to your specific skill set, profession, and industry, recruiters find your resume anywhere online by typing in that keyword in a searchable index. The chances of your resume being spotted on Google or Monster, for example, enhance tremendously in a clutter-filled cyberspace. Make sure you add a section at the end of your online resume that contains a list of the buzzwords relating to your industry; make sure you use all the various spellings of such words (e.g., HVAC, H.V.A.C., HVAC/R, HVACR).

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