Use the Internet to Find a Job ” Part 7: Researching & Networking

– Research your industry and get to know everything about the power players. Learn about labor market trends, because it can help to find out who is hiring and what skill sets are going to be needed in the future. Get used to running long search commands until you find exactly what you are looking for. The search engine is a great tool for anyone.
– Find salary reports to learn how to gain an advantage during salary negotiations. You can also find salary information on
– Search employer databases for more information on your industry’s power players. Some of these databases include:,, EDGAR Database of Corporate Information,,, and
– Subscribe to mailing lists or “listservs” hosted by industry experts for up-to-date information on your industry’s trends and nuances.
– Research what titles companies are using because each company cannot only change titles, but some have their own version of a job title.
– You can tailor your research to local companies and find out local industry trends or cost of living before pursuing employment with a certain company.
– Search news groups to find the most recent information on a company or industry.
– Examine companies’ credibility.
– Network any way you can with industry experts!

Self-market online and search for networks you are familiar with, depending on your profession. Always be networking! Use the following sites for networking with business professionals, employees and companies:
– Ecademy
– Facebook
– iKarma
– Jigsaw
– LinkedIn
– Myspace
– NetworkingProfessionals
– Ryze
– Spoke
– Twitter
– Xing
– Ziggs
– ZoomInfo

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