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Several weeks ago, I came across an obituary of a business contact that I met several years ago. He was an account executive at an advertising agency. His unfortunate demise led me to thinking”there was now an opening at that agency for his former role.

Although I can’t say that I have ever used obituaries as a job hunt tactic, I wonder if anyone else has? I presume approaching the firm too soon after the person’s demise might tip your hand too easily as to why you are inquiring about the role. The person you are speaking with may still be upset over the death of their former colleague and you may come across as a bit of ghoul.

However, if you were to remain vigilant, you could see if their former role was posted as a job opening on the company website.  Or feign ignorance about the death and contact the firm several weeks later inquiring about any potential openings that match your skill set ” a skill set that conveniently mimics the responsibilities of the departed.

My Take:

Very interesting topic! I say go for it! We’re all dead anyways and it’s a competitive market. You want to respect the fact that someone has passed, but where the rubber meets the road is your livelihood right now. Go all in with your chips and use every source you got until you land that interview. Just don’t mention anything about that death either. And don’t wait a few weeks. Call them now! Inquire away!

To which another commenter said (and I love this)”

I like it! Death as the new recruiting tool Heck, why wait for ‘em to die? Lets get proactive and start trolling hospices and hospitals and find out who’s terminal. Then you can contact the employer and say: Hey! Looks like Joe ain’t gonna make it, and have I got a candidate for you!!

And finally I said”

Now that would make a good high concept flick!

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