Need help landing more job interviews and offers? Need them faster and with higher pay? We can help!

Are you feeling that you’re missing something that’s preventing you from getting that interview, getting that raise, getting that freedom?

If this sounds like something you’re searching for, then let’s work through those logical next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you! I have over 865 LinkedIn recommendations, over 23,000 LinkedIn followers, over 115 Google recommendations, over 220 Facebook recommendations, and have been writing resumes and career coaching for over 22 years.

The 6 packages I offer:

(1) Leadership & Career Coaching Package for $5,000:

  • Four (4) one-hour 1:1 leadership coaching sessions including strategy-building
  • Plus everything included in the packages listed below!
  • Order here now (and find out more in-depth details)!

(2) The “Matt, just guide me every week, will you?” Pragmatic Get Un-Unemployed Career Transition Program Package for $3,500:

  • 8-week period of fully custom, individualized job search coaching
  • 1:1 job hunt coaching
  • 1:1 interview coaching
  • Tailored-specific strategies to your niche, so you aren’t only doing the general job hunting stuff; let’s find those niche avenues that your competition is most likely also doing
  • Plus everything included in the packages listed below!
  • Order here now!
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(3) Ultimate Package for $1,900 – Includes everything in the Essentials Package plus:

  • Free resume retrieval for life
  • Resume distribution
  • 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Matthew
  • Hiring manager research of your top 5 desired companies
  • Order here now!

(4) Essentials Package for $1,500:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • ASCII/electronic resume
  • Job hunting kit
  • Reference sheet template
  • “Thank You” letter template
  • Follow-up letter template
  • Copy of the book “How to Get UnUnemployed: An A-to-Z Guide on Finding a Career You Like: Crackerjack Insight from a Human Resources Recruiter”
  • Order here now!

(5) The “Big 3” Package for $1,000:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
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(6) Basic Package for $800:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • Payment upfront with guaranteed delivery within 5 business days
  • Discounted pricing for additional resume variations
  • Weekly AI tools for automating and enhancing your career exploration (newsletter subscription)
  • Order here now!

(7) Reverse Recruiting Program for $1,000:

  • Personalized Applications: No more cookie-cutter resumes! We’ll meticulously tailor each application to perfection, ensuring it matches the specific requirements of your desired role.
  • Tailored and Expert Resume Crafting: Let me work my magic on your resume, highlighting your strengths, skills and experience to make you an irresistible candidate in any job market.
  • Leveraged Network: Gain access to our extensive professional network to uncover hidden opportunities and connect with top companies that match your skills and aspirations. My Rolodex is your Rolodex (Google it if that doesn’t make sense, lol).
  • Active Support: Proactively apply to high-paying roles across top companies that perfectly match your skills.
  • Full-Service Support: From application to interview, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Sit back and relax as we handle the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on preparing for your next career move.
  • Order here now!

(8) Interview Training Only Package for $1,100:

  • 4 sessions of 30-minute interview training meetings including strategy, in-depth Q&A and individual scenario resolutions, a mock interview, and post-mock interview follow-up
  • Plus my interview training and salary negotiation resource guides
  • Single hour interview training solutions available as well
  • Order here now!

À la carte menu available, feel free to check out our store.

I really appreciate you vetting me this far…as a token of my appreciation again, please check out this guide on “How to Informational Interview Your Next Role“.

• “Your work led to my current position. A recruiter found me on LinkedIn. It was a jump in compensation and career.”
• “Received a job offer at a pharma company! Thanks again.”
• “I got the job. Thank you so much.”
• “Using Matt’s resume/letters, I received 3 job offers within a month after multiple interviews.”
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• “I worked with Matt and literally had a job within 2 weeks.”

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