What Are Resume and Applicant Tracking System Buzzwords?

I’ll make this quick. You have a job in mind. On the other end, a recruiter has a job to fill. You know you’re a match. How do you get them to know? Easy…buzzwords on your resume. These are core competencies that said recruiter will use to identify you as a viable candidate. Think in terms of what kind of “buzzwords” on your resume separate you from other candidates (including ones outside your industry and even actual profession). These magical phraseologies that separate you from the pile of non-relatable candidates can be found on job postings and LinkedIn (under “endorsements”) that will help keyword optimize your resume, and better position you as a target for that recruiter. They are essentially words recruiters use to find you in the hundreds of resumes they are sifting through! Advice? Find some folks on LinkedIn you aspire to be (or are) and see what endorsements they are using…also identify 5-10 jobs on Indeed and pull out the similarities from those! You know you’re a solid candidate, but you have to become visible to the ones making the hiring decisions first before you can wow them with the rest of your resume accomplishments.

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