What to Do Immediately Following a Lay-Off: Unemployment Advice ” General Basic Advice to Get Started Week 1

o File for unemployment”immediately
o Find out about your qualifications for Cobra from your previous employer and ensure you contact the right people to enroll you into Cobra health insurance
o Life insurance ” see if you can roll over your life insurance from your company into your own account
o Take care of your company investments such as stock options and the 401k program ” find out from your financial house at the company, such as Fidelity
o Take a small couple days to a week break”clear your mindset of what was and what needs to be”reflect on your immediate thoughts”and get a home office together to use while you’re looking for work — you need to be organized and ready to make looking for a new job, your new job
o Talk to people who have job titles you think you would like to do
o Contact friends, family, old colleagues and bosses and let them know what happened and see if there’s potential there for another job; even if not, it can be very therapeutic
o Get your budget together with what income/savings/investments you have vs. expenses
o Get your resume & cover letter up to date
o Get your resume up to date and post to general and niche industry specific web boards, setup job alerts, join social networking sites, local community networking events, local career fairs, and send resume/cover letter to recruiting/staffing/temp agencies as well as job listings online
o Take initiative to make looking for a job an 8 hour work day in itself”finding a job is a job!
o Look into cutting some bills you might not need anymore, like HBO cable TV and the ultra high speed internet package…try basic cable and regular high speed internet

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