What Not To Do On LinkedIn (+ Insights From a LinkedIn Employee!)

LinkedIn is not Facebook. Do not get cute, casual or comfortable. Like a job interview, every move or sound you make gets noticed and sets the tone.

Keep your LinkedIn exactly like your resume. Having spent over 15 years in this business and interfacing with hundreds of hiring managers, it is my opinion to make sure your LinkedIn emulates your resume. This idea can go back and forth with career experts for days. It’s my belief though again is to keep your messaging consistent on LinkedIn, as well as all other platforms. You do not want miscommunication between recruiters and their respective hiring managers, should one find you on LinkedIn and one find you via resume submission. It makes more work for them to capture a snapshot of your credentials and proficiencies. Plus it works well for my clients from what I’ve seen.

Remember, do not get “personable” or overly cute…this is your online resume. It must remain professional. The coverletter is the only document you can use personal pronouns to better personalize your introduction…but keep your LinkedIn professional. Decision makers will never pass on you for maintaining professionalism, but some may pass on you for lacking some.

Also, do not bug recruiters with messages, use the correct portal to apply for a particular job…most likely they will tell you this when you decide that you do want to bug them. Remember, overly communicating with recruiters can get you placed onto the blacklist.

The worst behavior was anytime I see a potential client come back at me with threats because I bothered them initially with information about my services, AFTER THE REQUESTED IT. Do not be a bully, be nice on LinkedIn, it’s the professional world still, not Facebook.

I had the chance to interview Lathan Haug, a Member Engagement Consultant and Global Member Success at LinkedIn, and he said, “The most effective way to use LinkedIn on your job hunt is our Premium features, such as:

Who’s Viewed My Profile – See who has viewed my profile. Profile views serve as a strong indicator that people are curious about your skills and experiences. Many job seekers use this feature as a way to further research the viewers’ companies or send out an InMail to introduce themselves.

InMail – InMail helps users message anyone outside of their immediate network even when they’re not connected. It’s helpful for job seekers or business owners to reach out to opportunities.

Applicant Insights – Job seekers can compare themselves to other candidates based on their skills, profile and work experiences.

Interview Preparation – Relatively new feature for members to learn how top experts answer common interview questions. You can also practice your own answers and get AI-powered feedback.

As well as some new features that are getting traction like the ability to seek out articles online to maintain knowledge of relevant applications.”

How are you leveraging LinkedIn to your advantage on your job hunt? Mention your story in the comments and let’s get some dialogue going!

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