When life gives you lemons as an interview, crush it and get your butt hired!

You’ve spent days, weeks, or even months looking for the right job or internship and now you’ve been asked to come in for an interview. If the thought of going on an interview causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart to beat a little faster, don’t worry; you are not alone. The majority of job seekers feel uneasy or slightly panicky before the interview. The good news is that there are no reported cases of students dying of nervousness during an interview. This packet contains suggestions to help you relax and have a great interview. You will only have a short time to demonstrate your qualifications and interest, so you want to be sure to make a great first impression.

Hiring one of our professional interviewing training experts can help make your interview less stressful and more successful.


30-minute interview training session 1: We cover the basics of the interviewing process and orient ourselves into the program

30-minute interview training session 2: We go over an in-depth discussion of the interviewing document our team emails to you for review as well as an in-depth discussion about your previous individual interview scenarios to find out where you went wrong and how we can improve upon

30-minute mock interview: We arrange a live simulation of a real interview

30-minute mock interview training discussion: Let’s go over how you did during the mock interview and discuss how you can improve

Or by the hour

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