When To Include A Side Gig On Your Resume (+ Resume Examples)

Side gigs, or workers of the gig economy, should absolutely think hard to understand and decide if they should include this onto their resume or LinkedIn profile. The question they need to ask is, “will this help me increase my chances of landing an interview?” If they say it won’t than do not bother with inclusion. If you think this may hinder your chances of being selected for an interview, than please do not keep it on there. You can bring it up in the interview. However, if it’s a business that translates well with your “professional career,” than do keep it on there and even expand upon it some in terms of accomplishments and job details.

Some cases may also apply when it’s a good idea to keep this type of work on there. For instance, if you have to fill a job gap, utilize this type of work as your only way of demonstrating your transferable skills relating towards your new professional career goal, or if you even just want to list this under a work history section where you don’t necessarily expand upon the job details, but at least list it in case it appeals to hiring managers, in which then you can speak about it in further detail if they bring it up during the interview. A lot of variables play into this, but again think logically. Will this pragmatically make sense to include? Will it help boost my interview request volume? If you’re not sure, or if it seems like it’s so far fetched from your regular professional career that it may hurt your chances of being selected for interviews, maybe leave it off. You can always seek out further advice from a resume writer, career coach or community business support professional.

Here are some examples on how to properly demonstrate your side gigs:

Client 1 is a nonprofit leadership professional who runs a freelancing content writing business…now she wants to get into content marketing on the private side…here is how she should setup the experience section:

Content Marketing Professional | Self-Employed | Raleigh, NC | 2015-Present
-accomplishments and metrics-based achievements go here

Operations Leader | United Way | Raleigh, NC | 2013-Present
-accomplishments and metrics-based achievements go here

In this example, we wanted to put the professional marketing role first to avoid focus on nonprofit work.

Client 2 is a freelancing graphic designer that wants corporate succession and aiming for high-profile advertising companies in New York City. Here is how he should setup the experience section:

Graphic Designer | AtoZ Designs | Raleigh, NC | 2010-Present
-list of key clients go here
-list of key advertising-related projects go here
-accomplishments and metrics-based achievements go here

In this example, we wanted to showcase the client as a small business owner, but with some professional appeal so it doesn’t scream “freelancer!”

These are just some small opportunities to better position your candidacy and best the rest.

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