Why Outplacement Is a Beneficial Solution for Your Company

Has your business found itself in a situation that regrettably led to laying off employees out of necessity? We know that huge changes like that can quickly turn a stable work environment into one of stress, which negatively impacts employee productivity and morale, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s important to realize that employees, regardless if they’re staying with the organization or leaving, are brand ambassadors for a company. And when you as a business owner show that you care by supporting them through a difficult time, you strengthen your company’s name as a brand that values its workers.

To ensure that a workforce reduction, layoff, or any other type of employee termination is handled properly, look into all the possible outplacement solutions. Outplacement is a service we provide to companies and their employees who have recently been laid off from their jobs and are seeking assistance with transitioning back into the workforce. We work with businesses to personalize our program to assist individual needs, which includes providing tools and consultations for job search assistance, resume writing, interview training, networking, job-loss counseling, and more. You can review our service brochure for a further breakdown of what our program entails, as well our pricing brochure to get an idea of how you would go about customizing your package.

Is outplacement beginning to sound like something your company should invest in? We certainly hope so, and to help you get an idea of how our program can boost your brand reputation and support your workers, we have a couple of examples for you based on experiences from our clients.

Baxano Surgical

Baxano Surgical made a company decision to move its office to another city, which meant shutting down the previous location. It was a difficult announcement to make, and when the administrators reached out to us for outplacement assistance, we were able to help the displaced employees understand Baxano’s care and concern for them all during the transition. We provided Baxano with study materials that helped us review each of their employees’ resumes, as well as engaged in one-on-one meetings to get to know each worker. Several employees found jobs immediately, and we continued to work with those remaining to secure a new career. We’re very appreciative of the feedback we received from those employees, who couldn’t say enough about how our resume reviews helped them find their next job opportunities.

US Cellular

When US Cellular went through a transition period that required laying off a number of their employees, the company was determined to ensure that its former workers were placed in a new career as soon as possible. Many of those employees had worked with US Cellular for so long that they had not updated their resumes in years, so it was important for us to help build strong ones to help them market themselves to potential employers. Looking back at their experiences with us, US Cellular employees expressed that after working for so long in the same industry with no career change, it was important and extremely helpful to work with an outplacement expert. The process of finding a job has changed so much over time and we were able to provide them the tools and resources they needed to take those steps into find their next careers.

When businesses have to make that tough decision to lay off some employees, the last thing we want displaced workers to feel is frustration, fear and anxiety. By implementing outplacement services in your company, your transitioning employees don’t have to automatically feel like their careers are ending. Show your employees how much they’re truly valued and help them take the next positive steps toward finding new careers ” contact our outplacement experts today!

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