Why Use an Outplacement Vendor for Your Transition?

1. More likely to maintain or increase productivity, and more likely to increase profitability.

2. Additionally, the services help companies avoid potential litigation problems, reduce costs, maintain relationships between the employee and company, reduce stress on the terminating manager, and create a positive impression on remaining employees.

3. Outplacement could improve the organization’s reputation. Employees who remain at the company view a company more positively during a difficult time if the company conducts its downsizing in a compassionate way. This also helps maintain a positive corporate image with customers, clients, affiliates and the community.

4. The central mission of outplacement is to help workers in transition. Ultimately, outplacement is not just about job search or the right career move, but providing employees with an opportunity to revitalize their career. Research has revealed that individuals who are provided with outplacement services find employment quicker and, in many instances, at a higher salary. This is because most individuals need to acquire better skills to conduct a job search appropriately. As a benefit to the employer, outplacement assistance can reduce costs due to a reduced length of time an individual receives unemployment benefits.

5. Services provide multiple advantages to your organization such as minimizing litigation AND unemployment insurance payments to the affected employees because we can put them into position to reduce the time spent searching for a new job.  It can also project a positive image to your current employees and the media as well as improved brand protection by public relations.

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