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We’ve come a long way from “women’s work.” More and more, women are entering fields and industries that were previously dominated by men, and occupy those workplaces with more and more ease as standards of gender equality change with the times.

So, which industry environments are the best ones to apply to if you’re a woman who is actively seeking new job opportunities? How do your skill sets and educational background factor in with the fluctuating social climate? Not to worry ” your job hunting and resume writing experts at MJW Careers have a few suggestions for you to consider while you weigh your options.


Technology is constantly changing, evolving to suit our needs and meet the scope of our educated imaginations. As such, it’s an impeccable field for anyone to factor into his or her job search. But for women especially, who have previously been underrepresented in the tech industry, it’s more advantageous than ever to go for that dream job. Just a few short years ago, only 26% of the coders in America were female. Which means that even with some steady progress to increase those stats, women are considered commodities, or “unicorns,” in the technology field. If you’ve got the knowledge to compete in an ever-changing atmosphere, why not use it to break new ground?

Marketing and advertising

Countless studies have shown over the years that women tend to excel in communication, both written and verbal. And while there are always exceptions to the rule, some have even shown that female-oriented communication styles can be an asset in the workplace. In a field like marketing and advertising, where it’s all about what you say and how you express an idea or concept, it makes sense that those with more versatile communication styles and a general knack for getting his or her point across should apply. Sound like you? If so, there are plenty of ways you can hit the ground running, so to speak, and turn in a marketing-targeted resume that shows off your communication prowess before you even have the chance to speak to your potential employer. 

HR and management   

What do you think of when you hear the words “human resources,” or “management?” For many women in the workplace, these areas are quickly becoming home turf. And if you’ve got stellar organization and leadership skills, then you could easily call it the same! Those on the HR and management track are able to juggle a lot at once, and can distinguish when it’s time to take charge or sit back and run things from the sidelines. Knowing the company like the back of your hand is a must, not to mention keeping an eye open for ways to improve operations and expand the business’s scope. If any of that sounds like you, then you might just be the perfect fit.

It’s the best time to be a woman in the workplace, and if you’re willing to put in the work, you could make some history while you excel in your field. For more advice on how to put yourself out there for a new job or promotion, contact MJW Careers!


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