Write a Pain Letter, Not a Cover Letter

We all know about cover letters, but have you ever heard of a PAIN LETTER? It’s simple. You diagnose a potential employer problem and explain to them how you’re going to alleviate their “pain.” How will you know what your hiring manager’s biggest problem is? Put yourself in his or her shoes. Think about what your possible future boss is up against in his or her job.

If the organization is growing fast, they need help keeping up.

If the organization is large, it may be slow to react to market changes.

Every organization has pain! Identify it and let the potential boss know how you will help ease the pain.

Here’s a sample Pain Letter:


RE: Enthusiastic and Hard-Working [TITLE]

Dear Hiring Professional,

Congratulations to you and the team at [NAME OF COMPANY] on [RECENT SUCCESS]! That’s a feather in your cap, and tremendous affirmation from the marketplace.

I can only imagine that given [NAME OF COMPANY]’s rate of growth, your sales team is in desperate need of help to continue this expansion.

As I currently own and operate a powerhouse insurance office, I was able to secure 142 sales in FY14 to earn #2 agency ranking for all of Houston and with only 4 of us! We had to keep our customers happy while continually pursuing new business at the same time. We made it work somehow and grew sales to earn #1 ranking for dual/special need program sales by building high performance teams and training agents on sales efficiencies, product benefits and business development.

If you’ve got a need for district sales management and a minute to chat I’d love to learn more about [NAME OF COMPANY] and share a bit of my story with you.

Thank you for your valued time,


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