In a changing digital sphere, the professional world often has to catch up to the different levels of expertise that someone can have in a given area, not to mention understand where some industries may overlap with one another. If you’ve been on the rise in digital marketing, and you’re ready to manage a team of savvy employees, then it’s time you made sure your resume reflected it! Here are just a few ways you can rework your resume on your own.

Update Your Experience

Just as you would with any of your clients, it’s important that you make sure all of your experience and skills are clearly outlined and updated before you send your resume anywhere for consideration. It’s true that resumes are meant to be concise, allowing you the chance to explain them in greater detail once you’ve landed the job interview, but there should be no question that you possess the necessary skills for the added responsibility of management. So don’t limit yourself, go ahead and brag a little! Anything you’ve learned or taken on since the last time you updated your resume should be included, as well as any managerial experience you’ve garnered in your current role.

Include Any and All Results

As you’ve probably noticed in your current marketing job, clients love to see factual results that quantify your work as well as the resources they’ve funneled into helping you get it done. So do employers! If you can include numbers, statistics, budget figures, or anything else that will back up your claims of being a skilled digital marketer, be sure to include these in your resume where applicable. In doing so, you’ll show potential employers what you’ve accomplished and that you understand one of the key aspects of the job for which you’re applying. Digital marketing is all about results, and knowing how to curate them and present them in a relevant way is key to managing your own team in its efforts to do the same thing.

Do Your Research

You might be applying for a digital marketing manager position with an agency, where you’ll head up the campaigns of multiple clients that span two or more industries. But if you apply instead for a job with a single entity that has the resources to keep its own marketing department, any future projects you work on will center on one industry, and usually with the same sort of goals and messages. Do your research on the company before sending in your resume, then highlight the items you already have that will supplement those benchmarks accordingly. For example, if you’re applying for the marketing manager job at an environmentally conscious company, let them know that your current employer often had you leverage the company social media pages to show consumers that it practiced green policies in the office. Anything that shows you understand where the company is coming from is a good point to highlight on your resume.

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