Although we live in a digital age, traditional marketing channels have been reaching large audiences for decades and are still a vital type of promotion for businesses. Print, radio, TV, direct mail, and telephone are all considered classic strategies and most, if not all, brands implement at least one of these techniques to sell their products. That means individual brands and agencies offering traditional marketing services are always looking to hire creative and qualified individuals who can keep the fresh ideas coming and apply them across platforms. If working in traditional marketing has always been your forte, here’s how to craft a resume that proves it.

Visually Stand Out

Regardless of what type of marketing you prefer to work in, one thing is clear. Marketing is meant to initiate a reaction from a targeted audience with the goal to convert them into customers. So when you start laying out your resume, ask yourself, “How can I promote myself visually with a resume that will stand out and grab an employer’s attention?” Compared to other industries, implementing a few design elements is a nice bonus for those applying for a job in marketing. Consider using a little color outside of the traditional black text and white background, but keep it refined. You can also change up the fonts for headings and body text to enhance the overall look, but don’t choose anything too flashy. If you’re not sure what fonts are appropriate, here’s a list of the best and worst ones to use in a resume according to Canva.

Prove You’re a Team Player

In a traditional marketing career, you and your colleagues are typically working together as a team. Each employee may have a unique job or ability, but it takes a group effort to bring those strengths together and fulfill the objective of a campaign. You also have to be open-minded. Marketing requires creativity, which means being flexible to other ideas when brainstorming. Make sure you explain your ability to work in a team setting with examples of previous experiences. Working well with clients (if you’re in an agency) is another important skill to mention. Provide examples of how you (and your team) worked easily with clients to come up with clear campaign objectives and strategies for how to best implement them.

Share Your Work

Whether you wrote the script of a successful television ad campaign or designed a direct mailer that was later sent to thousands of people, having examples of your work is a must. It allows employers to see your creative skills in action and helps them decide if you’re a good fit for their company. To share your work, consider creating an online portfolio and including the link in your resume. You can also provide links where your work may be otherwise featured, whether that’s on a video channel, brand website, or online publication. Not only is this a great way to present your skills and experience, but it also gives you an advantage over others who aren’t using this strategy. And when you receive an email about scheduling an interview, we guarantee that job recruiter is looking forward to discussing the work you shared!

If you’re ready to design and build a powerful traditional marketing-targeted resume, our writing professionals know how to get you started. Contact us and let’s get creative!


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