Writing a Well-Written Summary on Your Resume

Since the Summary is the first section that a hiring manager sees, you want it to make the most positive impression possible. I have a few comments that will help you make yours even better.

The Summary should be made up of 3-5 sentences (written in one paragraph) that capture the best of what you have to offer an employer. Consider it your “elevator pitch,” or what you would say if you had 30 seconds to sell yourself for a job. Here’s how I would break down:

Sentence 1 (Who You Are): Overview statement including years of experience and career focus.

Sentence 2-3 (What You Can Achieve): Results you can accomplish for a company.

Sentence 4-5 (How You Can Achieve It): Your unique skill sets or areas of expertise.

Make sure you follow the rules of a tightly written, well summarized, brevity is key resume with quantifiers and strong action verbs. It’s important to stand out amongst the ocean of competition. And please, for the love of God, spell check the document for grammar and spelling errors.


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