An operations manager is someone in upper-level management that makes sure a company is performing at its highest potential. Not only do they oversee multiple areas within the company, but they also ensure productivity flows continually and efficiently while seeking to reduce costs. They manage leaders within other departments and guide groups of people to complete individual tasks that are geared toward achieving company-wide goals.

If you’re seeking a position as an operations manager, we can already guess that you’ve had experience being a leader and are ready to take on more responsibilities, which is great! Here are a few ways you can build your resume around your skills and achievements to land that job.

Start with a Summary

Begin your resume with a brief summary of who you are as a leader. Use words such as dedicated, effective, assertive and enthusiastic to emphasize your strengths and how they would help you thrive in a management role. You can also highlight your skills with a short list of bullet points. Some phrases to consider are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Team building
  • Procedure development
  • Process improvements
  • Cost reduction and containment
  • Financial oversight

Show Off Those Achievements

One of the best ways to make your resume stand out is to use metrics to quantify accomplishments. For example, maybe you grew your company’s sales by a noticeable percentage in an impressive amount of time. Or, perhaps you found a new system for cutting costs without disturbing productivity. Use numbers and percentages to paint a clear picture in potential employers’ minds of how you might help their company succeed if they offer you a position.

Don’t Forget about Your Soft Skills

In addition to experiences and achievements, hiring managers also want to know about your work ethic, character, and communication skills to determine if you’re a good fit. Make sure to include how you’re a strong team leader and provide examples of how you worked with multiple teams or departments to get things done in a timely manner. When looking at open job positions, pay attention to what employers say they are seeking in a worker and use those keywords to your advantage in your resume.

If a career in operations management sounds like the ideal position for you, contact our writing experts and let’s build a solid resume that reflects that!


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