You Must Ask Closing Questions During An Interview + SAMPLE QUESTIONS & INTERVIEWING TIPS

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It’s imperative a candidate asks closing questions. It gives them an opportunity to allow the company to “toot their own horn” as well as enabling additional time for more responses that very well may make a huge impact on the hiring teams. The adage, always end on a high note.

Some good ones I train my clients on are:

❓How can I make your life easier should I be hired into the role?

❓What sort of relief am I providing to you because of this opening still not being filled?

❓What are the top 3 tasks in this role that the ideal candidate can perform?

❓What happened to the employee who left this role?

❓Is there room in this role for adding some continuous improvements or implementing processes in place to drive additional bottom-line, operational impact?

❓When will the hiring team be making a decision and offer?

❓Anything else I may not have addressed, or did and may have caused some reservations about my candidacy? I’d like to see if I can help you understand my thought process some more if so.

A handful of resources:


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What are some other solid closing questions you can think of? Chime in over here, leave a note!

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